Types of Therapy

Tell Me More About These Therapeutic Methods

Therapeutic Email Exchanges

Therapeutic Email Exchanges is a process that allows you to share detailed information about your situation and issues. You can take your time to express and communicate your feeling, words, concerns and goals. The therapist you are working with will return an email with feedback, suggestions, therapeutic homework, resources and recommendations.

The wonderful thing about email therapy is that it can be as short or extensive as you would like.  As you address issues, you may want to go “deeper” and that can easily be done with email therapy or you may want to add chat sessions to the mix.  You are in the driver seat.  If you feel that after one or two sessions you are finished and your presenting problem is resolved, than that is awesome!  How many times at family Holidays, have you thought, “It would be nice to have contact with a therapist, just to help get through this holiday.”Email therapy is a great way to that also.

Email therapy can also be an additional support to you as you attend traditional face to face counseling.  All Awakening Counseling Center Distance Counselors work in conjunction with other Care Providers.

Couples therapy can also be completed through email therapy.  Each partner takes turns emailing the therapist.  The therapist openly shares all emails and responds openly in an email to both partners addressing all concerns.  Emails exchanges continue in this manner until the goal of compromise is made between each member of the couple ship.

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Telephone Sessions

Telephone sessions are a practicable replacement to the face to face office visit and allow more flexibility for the client.  Therapy is conducted over the phone just like it would if the client was in the therapist’s office face to face with them.  Some clients prefer Telephone therapy because it allows them to have the verbal connection with the therapist.  Telephone sessions works well with people who are very verbal as well as individuals who want to improve their communication skills.

Clients need to schedule a time slot that will allow them to have their Telephone session without being disturbed.  It is important that clients make sure they are in a private room and can focus on their needs and issues for the duration of the Telephone session.

It is also important to note that cell phones are not secure lines.  It is up to the client to make sure they use a secure phone line for their sessions.  We understand that is not always possible.

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Video-Chat has the look and feel of face to face counseling except with one simple difference, the sessions are held in real time using technology.  This is in contrast to Therapeutic Email Exchanges, which is not in real time.  Video-Chat allows you to see your therapist and interact just as if you were in her/his office.

It is important to make sure you understand how to use your computer in order to use this format of treatment.  Also during your session you will need to be in a quiet space that is private and free from interruptions.

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