Benefits of Online Counseling

It is very exciting to consider all the benefits of Online Counseling!  Here are just a few:

  • Convenient-Scheduling and conducting a session from home or anywhere as long as there is wireless internet service.
  • Flexible Scheduling Options- Choose email, chat, or both.
  • People with Disabilities including mobility issues, now have a solution that may work better for them.
  • No Commute or Traffic to fight.
  • No worry about trying to take leave, sick or vacation time to attend therapy.
  • Anonymity- We will know who you are and we verify your identity, text- based psychotherapy via

Chat or email provides a sense of anonymity that therapy in a traditional setting may not.  Text-based Psychotherapy allows for a sense of easier disclosure.

​These are just some of the benefits of online counseling. A person who may not normally seek therapy will because they have a greater ease in scheduling and the ability to conduct sessions from home or just about anywhere. Anyone with disabilities including mobility issues, online counseling can be a perfect solution. Anyone who travels a lot or lives in a rural community may find online counseling a new resource for them. New technology can provide people with greater freedom and choice.

​At Awakening’s Counseling Center we offer Therapeutic Email exchanges, Telephone sessions and Video-Chat sessions. Our Online Counseling sessions are conducted via secure and encrypted technology insuring privacy and confidentiality.  The method of delivery varies but clients can select from Telephone, Therapeutic Email Exchanges or Video-Chat Sessions.

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