When anyone starts counseling, they often have questions or concerns.  Below are a few questions and answers that we are asked most often when individuals, couples or families initially consider starting therapy.  We hope you find this helpful and feel free to contact us with any other concerns or questions you may have that are not addressed here.

  • I thought only crazy people went to therapy—why would I need counseling?

Counseling isn’t just for the severely mentally ill. In fact, the majority of people
who, enter counseling are normal, healthy individuals who happen to hit some life challenges, or may be someone who just needs feedback from an objective observer. Nearly all of us will at some point, in life experience a problem we are unable to solve. Having support or an objective observer who provides honest compassionate feedback and assistance can really help you move toward a healthier and happier you.

  • When is the right time to pursue therapy?

Many people wait until they are in a crisis or a crisis occurs before considering counseling. Often people avoid problems by telling themselves that “things aren’t that bad” only to find a small problem growing into a crisis. Unfortunately denying a problem will only cause things to worsen and a small problem becomes a complex one. Problems rarely just go away. Many times problems become compounded by bitterness, anger, hurt, shame and resentment.

  • How often will I need to come for face to face therapy?

Every client has different needs and each case is different. Each client has an Initial Evaluation, which is sixty (60) minutes long. During the Initial Evaluation your Counselor will discuss with you your treatment goals and how often you will need to meet with her/him. Most often people are helped by a weekly forty-five minute session. In some cases the frequency of visits may vary. Some clients may be seen twice weekly based on desire for accelerated benefits of treatment or need. This decision is made with you and your therapist.

  • Will I have to be on medication?

Medication can be helpful when used in conjunction with therapy, however not all people require medication to get better. To determine if medication is appropriate for you it is best to have an assessment by a physician or psychiatrist. We frequently refer clients for a medical evaluation. All Awakenings Counseling Center therapists’ work closely with any prescribing psychiatrists or physicians to coordinate care and provide feedback about medication effectiveness.

  • Will my Insurance Cover my counseling?

Awakenings Counseling Center does accept most Insurance Plans and we are also participating on most Employee Assistance Panels. Most insurance plans do cover counseling, but it is vital that you make sure you clearly know your coverage. Most insurance plans require that all sessions be Pre-Authorized. Each client is required to do this for themselves. Awakenings staff can’t obtain your authorization for you. Prior to your first appointment our Support Staff will verify your Health Insurance benefits. The estimated average copay can range from $20.00 to $50.00 per session. Every client is responsible for their deductible. Deductible amounts vary greatly. Very few insurance companies are being to cover phone therapy. If you choose to do phone therapy, Awakening Counseling will be happy to provide you with a receipt for all services that you have paid for, and you can submit an invoice to your insurance company for them to reimburse you directly. Please click here for Online and Distance Counseling Fees. We do accept cash paying clients for anyone who does not have Health Insurance. Our Support Staff is happy to answer any of your questions regarding insurance or Employee Assistance Plans.

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