Online Counseling

Welcome to Awakenings Counseling Center’s E-Clinic also referred to as Online Counseling, Online Therapy or etherapy. Online Counseling is not new and can provide individuals with flexible scheduling options and can be convenient, because it is conducted right from your home or most anywhere there is wireless internet. Also there is no commute and some people love the fact that Online Counseling is green! Online counseling also provides a person with a greater sense of anonymity. Although, we will know who you are and verify your identity, Therapeutic Email exchanges and text based therapy via chat provides a person with a level of comfort and sometime this allows them to disclose more.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when considering Online Counseling:

  • Are you desiring therapy but short on time, have a job that requires you to travel a lot or have other limitations?
  • Do you like talking on the telephone, reading books, emailing and chatting online?
  • Do you need more anonymity than traditional setting offers?
  • Do you live in a small town and don’t want to see the local counselor in your community?
  • Are you comfortable enough with technology to consider counseling in a new way?


If you enjoy reading or communicating via email and chat, than you will likea counseling process that is text-based.  The written word is very powerful and can bring to light exactly what a person feels.  It’s a lot like reading a book that captures your mind and your heart.

All of our Distance Counselors have received specialized training in Online Therapy.  Each therapist is certified as a Distance Credentialed Counselor (DCC).  This designation suggests a basic level of expertise and the certification is offered through the Center for Credentialing Education and the National Board of Certified Counselors.

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