Welcome to Awakenings Counseling Centers Blog “Psych Minded”


Welcome to “Psych Minded”. Awakenings Counseling Center’s blog, developed with you in mind. Our blog is written by Awakenings Counseling Center’s Clinical Staff, who will provide you with up to date practical mental health information which you can incorporate into your daily life. Each therapist blogs on topics they are passionate and knowledgable about, providing you with heart and mind provoking experiences. It is our hope that “Psych Minded” will enhance your life and answer some questions you may have about your children, family, and yourself.

We recognize that each individual has a unique journey and may be presented with difficult challenges. We encourage each person to use life’s difficulties as an opportunity for growth and healing.

Thank you for sharing lifes journey with us.
Kimberly Brodie Harlan, PhD and the Awakenings Counseling Center Clinical Staff